About Dan Scotland

About Me

Dan Scotland is writer, geek, gadget enthusiast, birdwatcher & vitamin enthusiast.

Mr. Cannabis Sativa’s Story

Dan Scotland is a 29-year-old man who has been using cannabis on and off since he turned 19 years old.

His journey into cannabis initially began in college when he first consumed cannabis for recreational purposes with his social circles.

When he graduated college, for professional and reputation (due to cannabis lingering stigma) purposes, he decided to cease usage to make a living for himself and find gainful employment.

In the years since finishing his undergraduate studies, Sativa contracted debilitating insomnia which he worked with his doctors for several years to treat, and was placed on numerous different sleep aids, which failed to provide any tangible and consistent relief.

In 2016, after having gone through this illness for several years and exhausting all conventional and “socially acceptable” options, decided to give cannabis a try again to alleviate his suffering. He was finally able to get a decent night’s sleep again and has become an MMJ advocate and proponent since.