Stopping Reefer Madness Lawmakers From Subverting the Will of Citizen Backed Voter Initiatives

Voting for YES for Cannabis (for medical and adult use) isn’t enough. Lawmakers in red and blue states alike will often act according to their own agendas, instead of the agenda of the TAX PAYING PUBLIC. Many ballot initiatives and constitutional amendments have been overturned by hostile lawmakers. Voting for cannabis reform IS NOT enough. One must also keep an eye on their lawmakers to ensure compliance with the voter back initiatives. A warning to states like South Dakota, Mississippi, Montana, Arizona, and possibly others!

Our Video:

An Example of People Standing up to Lawmakers and WINNING – ICYMI: Learning from Oklahoma’s State Question 788 Journey

ICYMI – Being Vigilant and Protecting Your MMJ Initiatives from Lawmakers – A Lesson from Utah

ICYMI – Learning From Legal Grassachusetts’ Regulate Mass Adult Use Initiative Effort


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