Reflections of Canada’s First Year of Adult Use Sales – A Refection and Speech from Abi Roach

I read a speech from Cannabis Pioneer, Businesswoman, and Cannabis Activist, Abi Roach about things learned from Canada’s first year of adult use sales. I add my outside perspective as a southern neighbor of Canada in a legal state.


ICYMI – An Interview with Justin Somers of the P.E.I Memorial Jewelry Company Memories on Hand:

Support Craft Cannabis – Getting Great Cannabis in Ontario And How to Support Craft Cannabis (Toronto’s Best Dispensaries via the GrowOp):

ICYMI – Hands-off Approaches to Cannabis Can Self-Regulate Themselves and Meet Demand as Saskatchewan Proves:

ICYMI – A Victory for Renters and Tenants – Quebec Walks Back Ban on Public Cannabis Smoking

ICYMI – How Alberta Upstaged B.C And Became Canada’s Legal Cannabis Juggernaut

ICYMI – Toronto Tyrannically Places Giant Cement Blocks to Keep “Illegal Cannabis Shops” from Reopening

ICYMI – Saskatoon Lowers Yearly Cannabis Business Renewal Fee Substantially


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